Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Molly's skinny fiber story

You know when they say "All you have to do to lose weight is consume less calories than you burn!" Yeah... easier said than done. My problem was that I KNEW what to do - I was educated! Doing it was a completely different issue! I was, quite literally, addicted to food.

Skinny Fiber was the answer for me for my junk food cravings. It was comical (but not funny!) how much I snacked. You know when they portray a fat person eating all the time? That was me. I "couldn't" stop, I felt powerless, and I had felt that way my entire life. I wondered what it meant to be "normal".

In comes Skinny Fiber and within 2 days I thought, "Woah, I feel different!" 9 months later and I haven't messed up once. I am a new person. I feel "normal". I feel so good!

Also, BIG part is drinking your water! I cannot stress that enough! Half of your bodyweight in ounces, so 200 pounds = 100 oz. A healthy body is a hydrated body!

Here's a side by side I posted yesterday. On the left I had already been on SF for a month and had lost like 20 pounds (but I don't really "count" it as I believe it was "gunk" weight). I've lost a total of 63 pounds! Woohoo! I started doing Zumba 4x per week at the beginning of March.

30 day empty bottle guarantee

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