Monday, April 21, 2014


I'm 42 yrs old respectively, ( I have 3 kids ages 25, 20, and 13 yrs old) and I want be around one day when I have grandkids! Working in Nursing since 1995 I've seen a lot of disease and obesity related deaths. My Father was a health nut so I learned the value of good at a very young age.

I believe in Skinny Fiber and I love my results inside and out. My cholesterol is within range.. and I love my flatten stomach. Skinny Fiber does just what it say's it melts the flat away, and you can clearly see my results. If you're on the fence about Skinny Fiber working for you, take that leap. Skinny Fiber only works if you consume it as instructed. Of course because each person is different results will vary. Commit to your health and you won't be sorry. Take the 90 Day Challenge, and you can compete for 1 of 3 $1,000 cash prizes. A 3 month supply is $127.00, or if you get someone to join you, buy 3 get 3 for $179.00 that way you both will pay $95.00.

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