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Skinny Fiber is unlike any weight loss supplement out there because not only is it all-natural and stimulant free, you will you lose weight and reap the benefits of becoming healthier!! Say goodbye to Type 2 Diabetes, Acid Reflux, PCOS symptoms, IBS….the list goes on and on….!!

What is Skinny Fiber?

This is EVERYTHING you could possibly want to know about Skinny Fiber.

Imagine if you could swallow a sponge, and then drink water and that sponge swell up and make you feel full..and then that sponge could capture 30-40% of everything you digest...imagine the most powerful digestive enzymes that do nothing but attack your number one store area for fat and break it down, so now you are eating less, and what you are eating almost half is being absorbed so your body can not access it, and on top of that the enzymes are literally attacking your fat stores....that is skinny fiber...its a no fail kind of diet 

Skinny Fiber is a pure, all natural nutritional weight loss supplement that comes in the form of a capsule. It is a super detox on a cellular level! It has no nasty side effects, unlike other dietary supplements that make your heart pound and make you feel jittery. Skinny Fiber is STIMULANT FREE.

What is in Skinny Fiber?

It contains 3 main plant ingredients:

Glucomannan- a unique all natural soluble dietary fiber that expands 50 times its size in your stomach helping you overcome the #1 enemy of weight management ... overeating. In addition to the amazing support for your weight loss goals, on its way through the body, glucomannan supports the colon, thereby supporting the digestive system.*

Caralluma- a plant, in the cactus family, that has been used as a natural appetite suppressant and thirst quencher in India for centuries, particularly in times of famine.* Caralluma fimbriata is also believed to help support weight management.* It is believed to block certain enzymes that form fat in the body.

Chá de Bugre- a small tree found in Brazil- very successful in suppressing the appetite and believed to fight cellulite. Can be roasted and made into a coffee substitute and is a good heart tonic that stimulates circulation. It’s also used in Brazil and Haiti as a tea to help relieve cough, regulate renal function, reduce uric acid, and externally to heal wounds.

As well as 7 digestive enzymes and antioxidants:

Beyond supporting digestion, certain Digestive Enzymes can play a major role in weight management.*Enzymes are responsible for every single chemical reaction in every single cell of your body. The enzymes found naturally in raw foods are very sensitive to heat (cooking) and most processed foods are completely void of the enzymes your body desperately needs to properly digest your meal. If you cannot get enough nutrition from the food you take in, your body just wants more.

Amylase- an enzyme that helps digest carbohydrates. Breaks down starch and turns them into a natural sugar which gives the body energy. Also found in the pancreas and the glands that make saliva.

Protease- a digestive enzyme needed to digest protein. It liberates amino acids needed by the body. Used as therapy for benefits in oncology, inflammatory conditions, blood rheology control, and immune regulation.

Lipase- a digestive enzyme needed to digest a healthy amount of fat our bodies need. It hydrolyzes lipids, the ester bonds in triglycerides, to form fatty acids and glycerol. Dissolves fat throughout the body, improves metabolism, and aids in overall detoxification process.

Glucoamylase- also turns starch into sugar for easy digestion

Papain- a protease enzyme found in the papaya plant and is used to treat gastrointestinal problems such as stomach ulcers and indigestion. Breaks down heavy proteins to make them easy to digest and absorb into the body and works well against Celiac disease, shingles, and herpes. It also shortens the healing time of some injuries and surgery.

Cellulase- sustains blood sugar, maintains good level of cholesterol, supports cell membranes to keep them healthy from free radicals, toxic chemicals, and breaks down biofilm to help detoxify the intestinal tract as well as major organs.

Bromelain- enzymes found in pineapples, used for digestive support. It treats inflammation following surgery primarily of the ear, nose, and throat as well as other infections and injuries. Aids heartburn when used with amylase and lipase and reduces diarrhea.

BUT WAIT………..Skinny Fiber isn’t just a weight loss product!!

The ingredients in Skinny Fiber: block 20-30% of all calories eaten from being absorbed by the body; help your body absorb vitamins and minerals; suppresses appetite and help you eat less while still feeling satisfied - it expands up to 50 TIMES its size in your belly when you drink your water, blocks the absorption of fat from the foods you eat, burns fat and boosts metabolism naturally - NO JITTERY FEELING...EVER! It flushes fat from the colon wall, removes parasites from the intestines (this is often times a cause of weight gain that people never think about!)

In addition, people are experiencing other wonderful side effects including:
decreased cellulite
clearer skin,
reduced cholesterol - people are coming off of cholesterol medication
lower blood pressure - no more blood pressure pills for several customers!
stabilized blood sugar - people who were diabetic no longer need any medication!
decreased or stopped symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
decreased or stopped symptoms of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)
regulating the thyroid- people are coming off thyroid medication!
reduced hot flashes
reduced and sometimes eliminated migraines
better sleep at night
reduced or eliminated cravings of carbs, chocolate and salty foods
increased energy

We have many reports of it also helping with: GERD, acid reflux, bowel inflammation, joint inflammation, joint pain, joint dysfunction, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, erectile dysfunction, infertility, renal dysfunction, compromised liver function, edema, gout and a host of other health issues. Skinny Fiber will enhance the inside.

FAQ: When is the best time to take Skinny Fiber?

You can take Skinny Fiber in different doses at the times of the day that suit you best. It is recommended that you take 2 Skinny Fiber capsules, twice daily, 30 minutes before your 2 largest meals of the day – typically lunch and evening meal. However, we are all different and some people will find that a larger dose of 2 capsules 3 times a day or 3 capsules twice a day will make a huge difference to their results. Here are some suggested routines:

4 capsules a day:

2 x capsules before lunch and 2 x capsules before dinner

6 capsules a day:

3 x capsules first thing in the morning and 3 x capsules early evening or

2 x capsules before breakfast, 2 x capsules before lunch and 2 x capsules before dinner

You can alter the times that you take Skinny Fiber to suit you. For example, if you are very hungry mid-morning and mid-afternoon then take yours then. If you are a late night snacker, take your dose mid-evening to curb those cravings. The important thing is to be consistent and make sure you take them regularly every day.

How should I take Skinny Fiber?

With plenty of water! This is a fiber product so you may experience bloating if you are not drinking enough water with it. Ensure your water intake is at least 2 liters a day or even more if you can manage it. I can't stress how effective this is as many of us don't get our required intake of water even without taking the extra fiber. Many people find taking the capsules with lukewarm water and lemon first thing in the morning also boosts their results (please make sure the water is lukewarm and not hot so that the capsules don’t dissolve in your mouth).

Does everyone experience a detox effect?

Depending on your current state of health and the number of capsules you take, you may experience different levels of detox when you first start taking Skinny Fiber. Some people need to go through this detox stage before they start to see the weight coming off. Skinny Fiber works hard to improve your health from the inside out. Just keep up the high water intake you will soon start seeing the benefits.

How long does it take Skinny Fiber to work?

Skinny Fiber is not a quick fix weight loss product and it can take several weeks to start seeing results for some people. This is perfectly normal and varies from person to person depending on your state of health before you started taking Skinny Fiber. If you have digestion problems or other underlying health issues, it will take a while to restore your body’s balance. Fat can be stored as a way of protecting the body and once your overall health improves, the weight loss will follow. Yet we have seen quite a few people who start seeing the inches coming off in a matter of days....every "body" is different.

Do I have to diet and/or exercise to get results from Skinny Fiber? The answer to this question again will depend on your body. We have many customers who have not changed their diets and have never exercised 1 day while on it and are getting amazing results. Unfortunately, this is not the case with everyone! Just for the purpose of becoming healthy, if you need to lose weight and/or have health issues, you should begin to make healthy lifestyle changes by watching what and how much you eat as well as trying to move your body everyday.

I still feel hungry even when I take Skinny Fiber as directed, what should I do?

This may be happening for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you may be dehydrated. Dehydration can cause us to feel a false hunger and since you are taking a fiber supplement it is even more important to ensure you have plenty of water / fluids. Drinking plenty of water will ensure that the Glucomannan expands to full capacity in your stomach.

Another reason is that your digestive health may not be good when you first start taking Skinny Fiber. Be patient and be consistent, every day this supplement is having a positive effect on your health and once more healing has taken place, your appetite should reduce and you should start to see your weight dropping.

Does Skinny Fiber give you the jitters?

Skinny Fiber contains all natural, pure ingredients that work to restore your body’s digestive health, reduce your appetite and gently increase your metabolism to promote natural weight loss over time. Skinny Fiber does not contain any ingredients that are known to give users the ‘jitters’.

Can I take Skinny Fiber while I am Pregnant or Breast Feeding?

Since no formal clinical trials have been conducted, it is advised that you stop taking Skinny Fiber once you discover you are pregnant and while breast feeding. Your Skinny Fiber intake can be resumed afterwards as a great supplement to help get your post baby body back in shape. Consult your Dr. if breast feeding, we have many that have been cleared to use Skinny Fiber while still breastfeeding and is usually safe for mom and baby.

I am going through menopause, can I take Skinny Fiber?

Oh yeah and you will thank your lucky stars you found Skinny Fiber if you experience hot flashes. Many of our customers report either less hot flashes or none at all!! Wouldn't that be wonderful!?

Is Skinny Fiber gluten free?

Yes, this all natural product is gluten free.

Does Skinny Fiber have other health benefits?

Sooooo many………….*We have received many testimonials from customers who say that Skinny Fiber has helped a whole host of other health issues such as IBS, cholesterol, blood sugar, insulin levels, fibromyalgia, acid re-flux, ED, low energy, PCOS, arthritis, constipation, low thyroid, Lupus, energy, menopause, migraines, fertility issues due to Polycystic Ovarian Disease just to name a few. It appears to have a very effective regulating effect on the body including blood sugar and hormones.

Does Skinny Fiber have any side effects?

To date we have not discovered any reports of negative side effects due to the use of Skinny Fiber. Some individuals may notice increased bowel movements, bloating and gas at first due to the increase in fiber and detoxifying effect on the body depending on the state of their digestive health when they start taking the supplement. If this happens, we suggest increasing your water intake. These effects are usually short lived once the body gets used to the increased fiber and your digestive health starts to improve.

Do I need to follow a particular diet or eating plan while taking Skinny Fiber?

It is not essential to follow a particular plan but you do need to listen to your body. Many of us eat large portion sizes out of habit and continue eating past being full. If you aim to reduce your portion sizes and choose more natural unprocessed foods then this will of course increase the benefits and results you get from Skinny Fiber.

If you prefer the structure of following a certain diet then Skinny Fiber may compliment it well and boost your results even further. Its unique blend of ingredients may help you stick to a certain eating plan through feeling satisfied with smaller portions and reducing cravings.

What will not work is if you take Skinny Fiber and continue to overeat to excess regardless of how full you are feeling – continuing to binge on unhealthy processed foods and sugary foods and beverages expecting Skinny Fiber to be a miracle cure isn’t going to get you results you want as the supplement will be fighting a losing battle with your continued unhealthy eating habits.

After I am done taking Skinny Fiber, will I gain my weight back?

NO. Although, many people stay on Skinny Fiber after they have met their weight loss goals due to the health benefits they personally experienced while taking SF. The longer you have been on SF the better. Why? Because SF detoxed your body, cleaned out the toxins and re-balance your hormones creating a body that was “ready” to lose weight. However, with skinny fiber or any weight loss regiment- if you go back to eating junk and drinking calories you WILL gain back weight. You cannot go back to bad eating and drinking habits and think that the weight is going to stay off. After being on Skinny Fiber for awhile, it should have retrained your brain to become intune to your body’s needs- into only needing smaller portions at meal times, and eating more throughout the day in order to keep your metabolism going and your blood sugars level.

SO if you continue to maintain the good eating habits you learned while on SF then you will be fine. Also to remember to keep moving- Go for a walk, ride a bike, Swim, dance or chase the kiddies or animals around the park.

Each month supply is $59.99 but you can get the 2 and get a free one for $119.99 or the best one is the 3 get 3 free for $179.99 (shipping is like $6). Cheaper to go in with a friend and get the free ones. you can order here!>> You will love it!  

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It did not take us over night to accumulate the weight and extra inches we are carrying around!
It is not going to go away OVERNIGHT! There is no Quick fix pills, drinks, or so called DIET products, that will remove the weight and inches OVERNIGHT!
BUT........... I am here to tell you there is a PRODUCT that will assist you
in losing that weight and those extra inches you and accumulated, or have always had. Its called Skinny Fiber! It is not a quick fix capsule! It will assist you over time to start making better food choices, it will help you cut down on your intake of food, causing you to lose inches and weight.
Look at it this way! Would you rather lose a few pounds in a month or gain and few pounds? People look at it the wrong way, I know cause I used too. I would say "Well if I cannot get rid of it in a month, why try"? Boy was I so wrong!!!! I look at it this way now, for every pound I lose, that is that much less I have to carrying around!
If you are tired of carrying those extra pounds and inches, then let Skinny Fiber assist you in getting rid of them.
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This is Mickie Lynn!!!! Wow!!!
Better Late Than Never. Here is my 95 day update! I am a customer of Skinny Fiber and not a distributor at this time! I have not had a soda since February 13th. I (still haven't) finished a bottle of skinny fiber. I am only taking one pill a day. I have lost a bunch of weight and can wear a 16 top and a 16/18 pant, down from a 26. I am active, I feel great, and I eat what I want. (just smaller portions).

I have PCOS and no periods for 3 years, my periods have returned and are normal and regular. I am excited to continue til my next 90 days!!! Before was in January of this year. 330 lbs. Size Euro24 On at the time..... was tight. (euro24 is closer to our 26-28) After pic is today, Mossimo size Large shirt on. Size 16/18 yoga pants. Blue tanktop is a youth XL. My feet have shrank from a 9W to an 8. My arms have shrunk. Everything feels better. but I did pull a muscle and haven't worked out in a week. Back at it today in the pool though!!!! I love skinny fiber! I love my progress. and I LOVE the motivation I get from my weight loss support group!!!!!! Don't think you can't do it as you can! Order yours today and start making those changes for a healthier lifestyle!!!!!



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J'Rays Low Carb Stew

1/4th cup olive oil
1 1/4 pounds well marbled chuck beef stew meat
6 large cloves of garlic, minced
6 cups beef broth
1/2 head of cabbage (we used purple cabbage)
7 cups of radishes (washed & cut in half)
2 large onions cut in bite size chunks
1 pack of turnips (usually a package contains 3 -peeled & sliced)
Salt and pepper

Sauté stew meat in olive oil over medium heat & slightly salt the beef.
Add prepared stew meat to all other ingredients into crock pot & cook on high heat for approximately 6 hours.

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Blueberry Yogurt Bark
my recipe, my photo
3 5.3 oz containers of Greek yogurt (I used 2 vanilla and 1 plain)
1 1/3 c fresh blueberries
1/4 c coconut
1 small pkg of almond slivers
2 squares of Ghirardelli white chocolate (cut into tiny cubes)
1/2 c dried cranberries
Mix all ingredients together, line an 8x8 pan with parchment paper. Pour mixture into pan and freeze until bark is hard.
Cut into squares.
I just mixed this together and it's in the freezer right now. It is so tasty, I was afraid it wouldn't make it to the pan. Can't wait to cut them. I'll take another picture when they are finished.
I just cut them up and they are like ice good!


hey everyone sam here I have just finished my first proper 90 day challenge and in that time I have changed my whole diet dramatically! I have cut out carbs as much as possible, no gluten and more fruit and vege and high protein meats. I have cut out all sugar and I am trying to drink more water through the day. It wasnt an over night process either. Since I first started my Journey in October 2013 I have been taking skinny fiber on and off. When I first started I lost 8 kilos in the first 2 months. I have put some on taking some off and not really changed any of what I eat, I seen what skinny fiber could do. I decided it was about time I took some responsibility and really put the 90 days in motion. In the first 15 days I lost a total of 4inches all over I was so super stoked so decided I needed to change what I was eating aswell I just started a new role as an admin and now I see what I eat every day. I got super duper healthy jazing up salads and all. I took my skinny fiber everyday and then in the last month i ended up in hospital and had to stop skinny fiber. But I am now back on track and taking my Skinny Fiber again and on my next 90 day challenge. Skinny Fiber has helped me in so many ways....I cant wait to see what the next 90 days is going to bring. I think a gym member ship is in the making 

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French Vanilla & Chocolate Chip Cookies


1 Box French Vanilla Cake Mix
2 Eggs
1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil.
1 1/2 Cups Chocolate Chips
Bowl Of Cinnamon Sugar Mixture


Mix cake mix, eggs and oil in large bowl. Fold in chocolate chips.
Make small teaspoon size balls and roll until coated in the cinnamon sugar mixture.
Place on baking sheet and back at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes





Low Carb Heaven! Just pulled these off of the grill! They don't look the prettiest but it sure was YUMMY!
Bacon & Asiago Topped Portobello
1 Large Portobello Mushroom Cap Wiped Clean.
2 Pieces Bacon Cut in Half.
Asiago Cheese (or cheese of your choice)
Olive Oil.
McCormicks Ground Garlic & Parsley Mix.
Cook bacon on foil on grill till crispy
Generously oil and season mushroom cap
Take bacon off of the foil and cook the mushroom cap right in the small amount of bacon grease left in the foil for about 4 minutes on each side or until desired tenderness.
Place cooked bacon on top and shred some of your favorite cheese on top.
You can cook this right on your stovetop

$10 TO JOIN.


After seeing some posts about people going through hard financial times, I thought long and hard about mentioning this again. But I have so many that started as my Skinny Fiber customers that decided they love it so much they have become Distributors and are now earning a few hundred ...up to a few thousand dollars a month selling Skinny Fiber.

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1 box (veggie) rotini pasta
1 medium head broccoli, chopped into small florets
1 medium red onion, diced fine
2 cups mild cheddar cheese, shredded
2 cups mayonnaise
1/2 cup sugar
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
Cook pasta according to package directions, with a few drops of olive oil and dashes of salt in the water to keep the pasta from sticking. Drain and rinse under cold water until cool and set aside in a large bowl.
Wash the broccoli well and chop into small florets. Chop the onion fine, and mix the broccoli and onions with the pasta. Add the cheddar cheese to the pasta mixture, mix well.
In a medium bowl, whisk together the mayonnaise, sugar, and apple cider vinegar well. Pour the mixture over the top of the pasta, broccoli and onions, and stir to combine. Refrigerate until ready to serve.





11 months!!! BAM, that's how it's done! CONGRATULATIONS DONNA!!!

74 Pounds gone and over 80 inches!!!!!

Skinny Fiber is a tool to help you lose weight with whatever eating plan you choose. It makes it easier to stick with your diet plan by curbing your appetite, cutting the cravings, making you feel full quicker. 

Order your Skinny Fiber:


Apple Cider Vinegar is full of enzymes and good bacteria. It contains acetic acid which has been shown to lower blood pressure up to 6%. It can also help eat up the starches if you do eat grains in your diet. (I use Bragg – Apple Cider Vinegar)

Lemon juice helps balance blood sugar and has an alkaline effect on your body helping to regulate ph. It contains, Vitamin C. ( use Lakewood Organic PURE......Lemon Juice)

Cinnamon is one of the best anti-oxidants on the planet. It is the number one herb/spice for balancing blood sugar.

Honey is very rich in various beneficial substances and can be used even for weight loss. For centuries it treated wounds, and also lung, gynecological, skin and heart diseases. One teaspoon of honey reduces pain in the throat, and even can calm nerves and can be very helpful to lose weight. It contains enzymes that stimulate the digestive process and boost your metabolism, which contributes to weight reduction.



I have had numerous messages this morning asking how to purchase Skinny Fiber. You can click this link to order or to join my team.It is only $10 to join and $8 of that is refunded to you.

3 all NATURAL ingredients....Stimulant Free...NO jitters....Just good for you!!!! 7 digestive enzymes that optimize your gut health so that you lose fat! Each bottle is 120 capsules..a one month supply. 1 bottle is $59.95 but our two specials are: BUY 2/GET 1 FREE $119.95 and also BUY 3/GET 3 FREE $179.70! So much cheaper when you get a multipack or go in with a friend