Monday, April 28, 2014


This is my friend Shelly! I love this girl! SO proud of her! Order your Skinny Fiber here

Hi. My name is Shelly. Ive been hesitant for some time to do a before and during (im still on my path of losing), because i was so embarrassed of how heavy i had gotten. I didnt even realize it was this bad until i looked at that before pic again. I am not photogenic at all, so i always excused it as that, but clearly i was just heavier than even i wanted to admit.

I know how you feel, the depression, the breathing heavy regardless of what your doing, sweating just getting dressed. The low energy and tired is nothing new to us.

I have tons of allergies and everything (medication or herbal pills) i take will typically give me hives or breathing difficulties. Weight loss supplements only supplied me with heart palpitations and the jitters. This product claimed it did just the opposite. I lived in terror, making myself sick just thinking of trying it because i just knew i would get sick. I KNEW IT!!! but the thought of putting on more weight made me desperate...and sometimes thats just where God needs us. I ordered the product. I got my dad to split it with me. (he has a whole other story) I took my first 2 pills and waited. I knew it was coming. so i waited some more......and then some more......ok, maybe i didnt do something right, so i took my next 2 at dinner and i waited........and then some more......i waited and waited and im still waiting it just never came. but what did come was AMAZING. i have lost the ten pounds i put back on, (in 2 wks) i have tons of good healthy crazy wonderful energy, i am regular for the first time in my life...EVER...did u get that??? EVER!!! i love this product and love that its all natural. I am here for life! I have this amazing family that accepted and adopted me into their lives and i am forever grateful and blessed. They mean so much to me already, even after a short time. God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams, He gave me more than i would of ever of thought to ask for, He is amazing to me and the only reason I am here to write this to you now!

My one regret......that i waited as long as i did to order. i am living proof that every struggle u have and every excuse you make was also mine. We are together, We are the same, and together WE CAN make a difference in ourselves, in our health, in our bodies and in our lives. Wont you join me today? Allow me to help you thru the hard parts, encourage you through the difficult times, motivate you when your down and love you as the valuable and worthy beautiful person you are! I believe in you even if you dont believe in yourself.
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