Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Hi everyone its Nikki i'm sharing my Skinny Fiber Progress with you guys
Decided to do a progress photo today just to see how i'm coming along and i'm speechless pictures speak a thousand words and i can't believe the difference..I've been using skinny fiber for 120 days now i got sick with really bad salmonella poisoning i just couldn't shake 10 weeks on antibiotics to finally kill the bug so while i was ill i had to stop using skinny fiber..
I don't weight myself anymore i use photos and my clothes to track my progress of my weight loss journey..
I have lost so many inches everywhere off my body ,I feel great and sleep like a baby..
I haven't been able to exercise as much as i would like as I have just found out I have right hip pain from arthritis..I drink 3 litres of water everyday and my skinny fiber tablets everyday consistency is the key..My diet is cleaner i still eat some takeaway not as much as i would before..I get full very quickly so my meal portions are now getting smaller.I'm medication free totally no anti-depressants , no heartburn tablets and finally my blood pressure is normal.
Look at my shorts first picture i couldn't stand wearing them my muffin top was overflowing and trying to button them up was a nightmare but today there loose no fat overflowing that's for sure
So happy I tried skinny fiber best product i have brought money well spent that's for sure. 

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