Wednesday, April 23, 2014


This is my mother, Ruby testimony.

I finally reached my 90 Day Challenge! I am so glad to be sharing with all of you my journey, and quite a journey it has been! As some of you know, my daughter Teri Hernandez who is a Skinny Fiber Distributor, told me about the product Skinny Fiber and I wondered if this was all true. Reading the testimonials I wondered if the people were just actors like with so many other products we have tried. Many of us have tried various products or diets and failed time after time. I know that most of us that have tried Skinny Fiber were at first skeptical, the first week I started using Skinny Fiber my thoughts also were the same as many others... I questioned is this going to work, is this really true?
One thing was different, my appetite! The hunger that always was back shortly after eating using other diets was almost non-existant and did not come back for hours. The biggest advantage to this day is that the appetite suppressants work and from my very first day the fullness from eating a small portion only, left me feeling full and I found that I could wait for hours before my appetite returned, the same thing happened every time I put food in front of myself, I'd feel full and need to stop eating very soon. I was soon singing the praises of Skinny Fiber!
One day in my first month I caught myself dancing around my living room singing "Skinny Fiber I love you"! At that point I knew the testimonials that I had read were true! Finally I had it, something that was so satisfying and healthy, did I mention that I am 76 years old... oh excuse me... I mean 76 years young!
My excema has disappeared, my blood pressure is way down, I now wear a size 15/16 pants, down from 18 or larger! I have not exercised but would like to begin walking. I love to walk but winter's here in Manitoba, Canada are very cold and windy. I hope it will get warmer so I may go and enjoy the outdoors.

I was 188 lbs when I began this journey and am now 168!!! I have lost 20 lbs and I have also lost a total of 85 inches!!! I am thrilled! I feel and look so much better!!! And so I have been told, and yes I do realize this, at my age, I should!
I am so glad that my daughter discovered Skinny Fiber and quickly told me her results after a very short time of using Skinny Fiber, she urged me to read some of the testimonials and advised me to give it a try, my dear daughter, you are a life saver! Now I am ready to begin my next 90 Day Challenge, I love the recipes and daily encouragement I receive from her Support Group.

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