Wednesday, April 30, 2014


My first 90 day challenge ended today!! For those that know me personally, I HATE TO HAVE MY PICTURE TAKEN!! But, a promise is a promise so 
here goes!! Sorry it's a little long, but guess I had a lot to say.

The last time I was weighed at the Doctors office was in Aug/Sept of 2012 for a pre~op visit. I had such problems with both of my feet it made walking very painful & definitely NOT fun! Way before my feet issues, I would walk on average of 6-8 miles per day, sometimes going 10-12!! By the time of my class reunion (first pic) any time I was on my feet was agony!! I don't think I had been able to enjoy walking for about 5 years due to the pain in my feet. I also had high blood pressure, and a lot of swelling in my legs & feet which didn't help!

In Sept of 2012 I had the first surgery, two procedures on the right foot, followed my the 2nd surgery in Oct of 2012 which was 3 procedures on the left foot. I was unable to put weight on my left foot especially, and had to walk more on my heels of the right foot ~ so needles to say I prob added a good 20# or so from the surgeries to when i started on the Skinny Fiber.

At that Doctors apt in Aug/Sept of 2012 I weighed in at 198#!! I was horrified!! I had never really had any weight problem most of my life, and here I was FAT & very un~happy! I started watching what I ate & when I ate prob the fall of 2013 & had managed to lose some weight, so I listed my challenge starting weight at the 198#. The first week, I lost about 3-4# but 7 inches! I just within the past month have really tried to walk, and am finally up to 3.2 miles most days!

Today, my weight was 164.2# & I had lost 30.75" (2nd pic)!!!! I dare anyone to tell me that Skinny Fiber does not work!! All I basically did was cut out the soda (not all at once tho) & tried to eat healthier! The clothes i was wearing last winter & the winter I had the foot surgeries just hangs on me now!! Last Doctors visit, i can quit taking my diuretic & the potassium pills that go along with taking them. He may cut my blood pressure pills down soon also! I still want to lose some more weight ~ I am NOT trying to get skinny, I just want my life back & with Skinny Fiber I am getting there!

I sleep better! I eat healthier! I snack LESS!! I drink LOTS of water!! I actually crave the water now! And I am enjoying going places again! If you're ready to take charge of your life & health, I not only take Skinny Fiber, I also became an Independent Distributor which means I can sell it to you! Check out this short video that explains what Skinny Fiber is & how it works! It is all Natural! My Doctor is fully on board with my taking it & had requested additional information about it!!

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