Thursday, September 17, 2015


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THis is my team mate Lisa! This is an awesome testimony!!! This is MY WHY! Seeing testimonials like this make it all worth it!!! heart
So you all wonder why I post alot about Skinny Fiber, WELL this is the MAIN reason. I am sitting here in tears, some of my friends can contest to this and some might even remember when I posted the picture when I got this.. YES I used a walker, I have no pictures of me using it because I was so embarrassed, I would have to sit on it to make dinner for my family because I couldn’t stand long at all. For me this is HUGE, When I say skinny fiber gave me my life back IT DID. I no longer use this walker and I walk 2 k a day smile emoticon I suffer with Fibromyalgia, arthritis , spinal stenosis, IBS, degenerative disk disease depression, basically over all Chronic Pain. I know first hand what it feel like to wake up feeling well like CRAP. I have been on a TON of medication that well, I feel is not the best choice as it does effect your body and organs. Since I have started Skinny Fiber, I have came off pain medication, YEP OFF MEDICATION 17 to be exact and I feel FANTASTIC, I have not felt this good in soooo long. I am much more happier and I have more energy than EVER. My IBS is totally under control.. Its awesome stuff. My HOT FLASHES GONE grin emoticon . I will admit I was sceptic at first, I did my research, and talked to ALOT of people before I made my decision. I am SOOO Happy that I made this choice. I took my bottle of Skinny Fiber to my Dr and he approved it. Not only am I feeling amazing I have lost 50 lbs and a TON of inches 
I honestly want others to be able to reap the benefits as I have. So this is my story, and SKINNY FIBER ROCKS My only wish is that I would have found this AMAZING product sooner I am so Happy I made the choice.

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