Wednesday, September 23, 2015


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Yes, Skinny Fiber is part of our daily routine. You do not have to continue taking it once you reach your goal weight, but we will always take it becasue we love the effects of the amazing enzymes. It not only helps you to lose and maintain weight but it is a healthy supplement too. Leonard has lost over 30 lbs. and his diabetes is almost completely under control. I have lost weight and inches and no longer suffer from hot flashes, depression, migraines and I have tons of energy. Each year we continue to shed a few more inches and see our health improve. Life doesn’t have to come to a raging hault as you get older and we are ALL getting older each day! Lol. You can try Skinny Fiber risk free because our company offers a 30 Day money back guarantee on one bottle and a 90 Day money back guarantee on the packages. You simply return the empty bottles if you are not satisfied! Our Premier Pack for $179.70 plus shipping is only about $30 per month!

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