Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Ok I know people say this all the time, but I have always been skeptical about things! It took me awhile to buy skinny fiber to begin with, then even longer to sell it, and then even though all of our leaders talk about putting it out their and sharing things to get group members I still waited like usual...I felt like I might push people even though I know from experience it helped so much when Devonay would add things all the time so that it would push me into doing something I absolutely love! After doing all this just the last 3 or so days I had my first EVER random person order SF because before it was always friends and family and now today I have more than EVER have viewed my site! And people are more involved tonight in my group than EVER also! lol I know I still need to promote more on my timeline, but I'm getting there and feeling more confident! LOVE skinny body care! You all are family to me now! I made a new update with 2 new pics on the outside and the old in the middle so people could see the inches/weight lost but also what ageless has done for the scars on my arm! LOVE IT! I have been overweight my entire life and to FINALLY be in a size 12 I thought would be impossible! I don't EVER remember being in that size. I think I skipped it all together. I used to think I was comfortable with myself, but looking back I know I wasn't. I wouldn't even do half the stuff I do now! Soooo ready for this summer! I already know it's going to be the best yet!
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