Saturday, September 19, 2015


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There is no stopping John! INSPIRING Success Story 
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Not only did John win our Skinny Fiber 90 day challenge and reap the rewards from that (he lost over 70 pound in the first challenge and I think he is close to 100 pounds lost now), He is on his second 90 day chal…lenge……
He has run a 5k and now he’s at the gym - 
he’s found more then his second wind - he is pure inspiration!!!
Three cheers for John!!!!
Most people would just give up at 515 pounds because they think there is no way to lose it all.. there is and you can!! John is proof!
He got me so motivated.!! 
He is such an inspiration to me and so many.. His entire family uses and loves Skinny Fiber !! 
They have all lost weight and his mom has even been able to cut down on her diabetes medication with Skinny Fiber. Changing Lives
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