Saturday, August 15, 2015


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From Ruthue:
"I have a wonderful fiance and, together, we have 2 beautiful little girls. On New Years Eve of 2011, my youngest was just barely a month old. I was having a hard time with depression. I felt fat, ugly, old, and unwanted. My terrific man told me I was wrong and together we sat down to discuss everything. Before the clock hit midnight, I had decided that at 20 years old, I was not ugly and certainly was not old! I was, however, NOT happy with the way I looked! So, starting on January 2, I was going to start doing a slow, simple daily cardio routine, start eating less junk, and start working on my health for my daughters.
Well, I still ate just as much junk food... BUT I also stuck with that cardio routine my fiance helped me lay out. The picture on the left is from January 3, 2013. I had worked my butt off for a year and was so proud of myself. This year, so far, I did cut out the soda, the chips, the candy, the supper yummy, evil, tempting OREO cookies!
Over the course of the last couple of months, I've really been researching some different supplements. Skinny Fiber was by far the best! I began taking Skinny Fiber on January 7, I still kept up with my cardio and eating good healthy things. The picture on the far right was taken on February 14! Just 5 weeks after starting Skinny Fiber!
I started crying when I lined up the two pictures side by side. I never, EVER in my LIFE thought I would be in a size 8! Since I was 12 years old, I have worn a size 13 jean or bigger! At my heaviest, I was a size 24 and 262 lbs! Now, after 5 weeks of Skinny Fiber, my size 8 jeans are starting to get lose, I’ve lost 12 lbs and 14 inches over all! I’m so excited and so happy that I have found Skinny Fiber!!!
This stuff works people! You CAN do it the old fashioned way - I'm proof of that - but with all the benefits that Skinny Fiber has to offer, it almost tells you "For all the work you do, I'll do double!"
Get your Skinny on! 100% natural! NO wraps! NO shakes! NO fake food! NO hormones!!

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