Thursday, August 27, 2015


What an amazing transformation, Gail!!!! WOWZERS!!
“Yes this is me!!! Gail.
I started to gain weight when I got myself into a very bad relationship. I allowed myself to be controlled. I pushed everyone away… I withdrew from friends and even family. I was so ashamed, and had become very depressed.
That relationship lasted about 6 years but the emotional damage it caused I still struggle with today. I am just now starting to live life again.
I had started a group for a small town I grew up in. One day a friends daughter posted an invite to her weight loss support group. With it was her before and after picture. I was blown away at the transformation!!
Like many others I had tried so many different things. Nothing worked. The ONLY reason why I decided to give Skinny Fiber a shot, was because of that friend connection… Still I was skeptic it would work for me.
In the first 3 weeks alone I had lost 11.2 inches. I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t even try all that hard. I had quit drinking soda, and avoided junk food. I found I didn’t really crave it anymore. My heartburn disappeared in about a week. I had way more energy and slept like a baby. Well more like a teenager actually. Lol. I do a lot of walking at work, but that was the only type of exercise I did. And the inches started to melt off.
I feel amazing! I am still a work in progress, physically and mentally. Lol. But I come a long way and Thanks to Skinny Fiber I am confident I will get there. Thank you, Skinny Fiber!”

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