Monday, August 31, 2015


25 ways to reuse a Dryer Sheet.

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1. Use it Again
2. Freshen Diaper Bag-Put a few in and the diaper bag always smells fresh.
3. Clean Paint Brushes-Put paintbrushes into a container with warm water and a used dryer sheet. The paint comes right off.
4. Alternative Swiffer Mop Sheet-They are thin so you might need to use more than
5. Freshen a Bathroom-Hide a few sheets in strategic places in the bathroom for a fresh bathroom.
6. Make a Fire Starter-Take an old toilet paper roll and fill with used dryer sheets. Fold ends inward to keep everything inside. These work great for fireplaces or building a camp fire.
7. Dust your TV or Computer Screen-Will also repel dust in the future. (only glass screens)
8. Wipe up Messes-They are very effective on fine dry spills like flour or powder sugar.
9. Refresh Shoes-Put into shoes after they are worn to reduce smelly shoes.
10. Keep Closets Fresh-Hang a few in the closet to keep your clothes smelling fresh.
11. Keep Drawers Fresh-Place a few in the dresser and those stay fresh as well.
12. Keep Luggage Fresh-Place a few in your luggage after you use it to keep it from becoming musty.
13. Car Freshener-Hide a few sheets around your car instead of buying a car deodorizer.
14. Gym Bag Freshener-Keeps sweaty clothes smell down in your gym bag
15. Laundry Hamper Freshener-Place a few in there to keep the smells down till laundry day.
16. Remove Pet Hair-Run a sheet over the hair on your clothes or furniture and it will pick up the hair.
17. Vacuum Freshening-Put a sheet in your vacuum bag or where the air comes out and it freshens as you vacuum.
18. Repel Bugs-Place a sheet in a belt loop or sticking out of a pocket. It should keep most bugs away.
19. Chrome Cleaning-Polish your chrome it will sparkle.
20. Soap Scum Remover-Place a little water on a sheet and the soap scum will easily rub away.
21. Travel Barrier-Place between clean and dirty clothes in your luggage.
22. Glass Lenses Cleaner-Clean glasses with a sheet. It will repel dust and keep them cleaner longer! (only use if they are glass)
23. Remove Hair Static-Extra static hair day? Run a sheet down your hair. (You can keep a few in your purse for emergencies and your purse will smell fresh too!)
24. Trash Odors-Put a few in the bottom of your trash can under the bag.
25. Pillow Freshener-Place a few sheets in your pillow case for fresh smelling pillows every time

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