Sunday, August 16, 2015


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Mike’s Story!
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Hi. I just want to share a bit about myself. I use to weigh about 526 pounds but in 1994 I had my stomach stapled (even though it was a type of bariatric surgery it was not the bi-pass that everybody thinks of today when they her bariatric surgery.) Anyways the surgery worked at first and I lost a lot of weight and even got down to around 200 pounds. However I never changed my lifestyle and even though at first I couldn’t eat as much I slowly increased what I was eating until I had my stomach stretched back out and the weight started to mount again plus on top of that I got a desk job so my activity level was pretty much non excitant. My weight started to come back with a vengeance and so did the depression Until I was back up to 466 pounds on all kinds of medication for my heart, Blood pressure and kidneys. I was even placed in a wheelchair because my legs couldn’t handle my weight and I couldn’t walk more than a few steps at a time.
In 2011 I was introduced to the Skinny Fiber Home based business and I thought O.K. I’ll give it a try I am sitting here all day on the computer everyday might as well try and make some money. Well In order to be a distributor I had to order a bottle of Skinny Fiber and at first they were just building up on my shelf and I wasn’t taking them but as all the testimonials came flooding in about people having success I thought I think I am going try it and OMG it works not right away But within a few days I started feeling more energy and I noticed I wasn’t wanting to snack all the time I really don’t know how long it was before the weight started to come off but I went to the dr. about three weeks after I started taking it and was like 14 pounds less and it continued that way I had even lost like 140 pounds and was able to get out of my wheel chair permanently and I am not taking any medication. However I would not be honest if I didn’t tell you I had some bad personal things happen in my life and I slipped back into depression and went back to my old lifestyle of eating anything and everything in great abundance I stopped exercising and I stopped taking Skinny Fiber and guess what the weight started coming back. However I woke up one morning and decided I wasn’t going out like this and the first thing I did was reach for the little pink bottle. It was a struggle at first but I am back on track and the weight is starting to come back off again so right now I am about 100 pounds lighter than the 466 pounds I was originally at when I first started taking Skinny Fiber. I thank God every day for allowing somebody to introduce me to Skinny Fiber because it FLAT OUT WORKS!!!!! Order

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