Tuesday, August 18, 2015


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WOW!!! What a difference!!
My Story by Marilyn T.
In February, 2015 I went to my doctor for a routine physical. When I got on the scale, I was the heaviest I had ever been and very upset about it. To add to insult injury, my blood pressure was extremely high as well as my triglycerides. (I come from a family of diabetics and this frightened me.) My doctor never lectured me about my weight but was …quite concerned that my blood pressure was so high. She gave me 4 months to get it down and proceeded to schedule a follow-up appointment. When I left there, needless to say I was distraught. I am always surfing the web for miracle diets and came upon Courtney’s page for Skinny Fiber. I read her story, found her FB page, followed her for two weeks and decided since this product had a money-back guarantee, I had nothing to lose. I started SF on March 28th, joined the 90 day challenge on April 1st and today I am so excited to report I have gone down 21 lbs. I’m not going to say “lost” because I am not looking to find it again!! The best part, I went to my doctor after the 4 months and my blood pressure was almost normal. This product is absolutely the “miracle” I have been looking for. I am a “junk-food junkie” and care less about food. I love carbohydrates which is why I’m always struggling with all diets. I have joined WW and failed more times than I care to think about. I have tried anything which I thought would work my entire life, spending thousands of dollars on diets. This is the first time (except for Phen Phen which was banned) that I honestly can say I do not CRAVE or DESIRE carbs or sweets. I still love to eat and always will, but the difference with SF is I do not desire anything special and I get full very fast. I’m working on trying to listen to my body, stopping when I think I’m full, I’ve never had a shut off. I believe in this product so much that I want to share it with the entire world.
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