Thursday, June 25, 2015


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Skinny fiber is NOT just for women!!!! Here is what he had to say!!!
“I have been big for most of my adult life. I had a minor angina attack 4 years ago but that never slowed me down. I changed my diet a bit but nothing else really changed until i got diagnosed last year with RA (rheumatoid arthristis) I had it in most joints of my body and the medication they put me on made me hungry and i ate more and kept piling on the weight.
When my wife brought skinny fiber (behind my back i might add. lol) i was skeptical, as she told me to take these tablets 30 mins before tea. I did it because i thought i have nothing to loose. My specailist also told me to keep taking the skinny fiber because it was working! she was amazed
2 months later i have lost 8kg and still go heaps to go.
I am on alot of medication so i thought if i take skinny an hour before tea and then my meds after tea, that was fine and they didnt affect me.
I love my skinny fiber. it is changing my life and it can change yours too”

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