Tuesday, June 30, 2015


So many are seeing great results EVEN with issues such as diabetes and many others! Let me help you get your HEALTH back on track! Start and let's work together
Jean Says:
"Today, I decided to show my before and after pictures. Not done yet, but about half way there. Since Nov. 2014 to May 1st. Actually didnt really start using Skinny Fiber till January 2015, and have lost lost 45 lbs! (as of June 2015)
Because of my diabetic problem, my sugar kept going up and would not come down. Doctor was thinking of starting me on insulin, and of course, I wasnt happy with that. After seeing Skinny Fiber, I decided I was going t give it a try.
Before long, my sugar was back down to normal, my A1C was 7.5 and three months later is now down to 6.5, Very happy with that. We are keeping a close watch on it, when it comes down lower, will have to stop taking some of my meds. All in all, other problems I had have -pretty much cleared up. I will take Skinny Fiber as long as I can, whether I need to lose weight or not. I will be 73 in September and feel like Im in my 50s. lol."

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