Saturday, June 20, 2015


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Check out Ruth!!!! She is looking HOT!!!!!!
Ruth says:
Beginning, 30 days & 1 year! …. …
Skinny Fiber reduced my portion sizes. 
Eliminated cravings for junk. Including but not limited to: French Vanilla Coffee/Cappuccino, Dr Pepper, Fudge Covered Graham Crackers, Heath Candy Bars, Garlic Cheese Bread w/Marinara Sauce.
Blocked fat & calories.
Stimulated my metabolism. 
Detoxed my cells & organs.
Helped my body properly digest, process food & eliminate waste.
Helped me reverse being dehydrated.
Shrank my stomach. (a LOT less expensive than gastric bypass with no side effects)
I did NOT:
COUNT calories or points
DRINK meal replacement shakes
EAT pre made meals
(and I didn’t exercise either, but WE SHOULD! ) 
QUIT taking Skinny Fiber
Take 2 Skinny Fiber capsules 2X daily with 16oz water. (well, for the first 6 months anyway … I have struggled this year taking 2 doses EVERY day )
Drink half my body weight in oz of water
Eat the same meals I have always prepared for my family. … though I have found myself wanting more raw veggies & so started serving them with dinner. !!! 
Have a treat when I wanted one. 
Quit drinking French Vanilla Coffee/Cappuccino & Soda Pop (Been TRYING TO QUIT FOR ABOUT 10 YEARS!!! ALWAYS MISERABLY FAILED! )
You Will Love Skinny Fiber! Order Here:

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