Monday, June 22, 2015


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This is my friend Nancy, she is doing FANTASTIC!!
She says…
“YEP - IT’S ME!! I finished a 90-Day Challenge back in May - Down 13 pounds and lots of inches. I finally got up the nerve to post my own pictures! I took my Skinny Fiber twice a day and drank lots of water! Did some walking and riding my bike but certainly not every day…… and I’ve been known to have a ‘not so good for you snack’ now and then - lol! I did give up bread and keep my sugar intake to a minimum. Portion control is the key, not deprivation! So glad I took the before picture because I didn’t think it showed that much. The first picture was back in February when we were in Florida and the after pic was just taken the end of May. I AM feeling great and 28 days into my next 90-day Challenge and down another 5 pounds!! Skinny Fiber ROCKS!!”
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