Saturday, June 27, 2015


#gethealthy #skinny 
Okay…here I am in all my Glory. The second picture is a little blurry but you can tell it’s me.
I have become such a healthier person since I started Skinny Fiber. I wished I would of started sooner.
Look how far I have come!! The picture still isn’t current and I’m even smaller yet.
You wait, pictures will come soon enough. You have to follow my Journey to see.
I can tell you this, I am down 5 Shirt sizes, 3 Pants sizes. My doctor was going to put me on Medications for Diabetes, Cholesterol and blood pressure. Within 5 months on Skinny Fiber I was no longer in the “Risk Zone” and was in “Normal Range” for all three! No Diabetes for this girl!!! Heck no!
I have more energy, my nails grow, my hair grows healthier and stronger. I eat less and feel Full on Skinny Fiber. What even a topper of it all, those Cravings for Sweets and carbs…..?? Gone!!!

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