Sunday, June 21, 2015


Joanne says: --
I hope you can see the 38 pound weight loss of my precious son Michael. The clothes he is wearing in the dark clothes are still large on him. This is my son after six months on Skinny Fiber. He has been FAITHFUL in one thing for sure, well TWO Things, taking his Skinny Fiber two times a day and drinking a minimum of 70 ounces of Water each day. He never skips a day. He has gone from a size 46 inch size in pants to a comfortable 38 pant size that will soon be a 36.......then 34,....... then 32 is our goal.
Michael as you can see is Down Syndrome and has the issues with his Thyroid, and his Doctor is well pleased with his progress. His Doc approves of Skinny Fiber, and grins from ear to ear when he see's Michael and his fabulous progress. He often says,... why can't typical people "get it" like Mike does :)) I am relieved, I am blessed and most of all, Michael is thrilled with himself. I also would like to report that the digestive enzymes in Skinny Fiber has healed Michael from this horrible foot fungus that has plagues him for 15 years or longer, the Doc's had said that the medication to help his fungus had far more serious side effects than the fungus, but his feet were always swollen, red and angry looking and peeling all the time, I am happy to report, the enzymes have corrected all that is wrong in his gut and his feet are shiny smooth He and I both LOVE Skinny Fiber.
Joanne ( Michael's Blessed Mama)

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