Tuesday, June 30, 2015


“My name is Adeline & here is my journey with Skinny Fiber! We tell ourselves we want to change to look better but as we get older we have to change our mental attitude to want to change for our health. I had to think wellness not weight loss! I changed my mental attitude and began to seriously workout; on & off my whole life I have always did some form of exercise because having six children was not going to be an excuse for me to be overweight. After working hard I hit a plateau that I could not overcome for a whole year and if it weren’t for Skinny Fiber I would be still there. Skinny Fiber has helped me overcome that plateau & gave me so much energy that I even started running and I don’t consider myself a runner, the last time I was serious about running was in high school & some of you know how long ago that was. Skinny Fiber has also helped eliminate my sweet cravings as well & boy did I have a sweet tooth & was a sodaholic, which happy to say I have not had a soda in 5 months since the day before I started Skinny Fiber. I went from a size 14 to a size 6 in 5 months! So join us on this journey to become healthy & change your mental attitude and change for the better of your health! Skinny Fiber has played a huge role in helping me get to where I am now, which I never thought I’d be! Love my Skinny Fiber!“
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