Wednesday, November 9, 2016



"I just finished my 2nd 90 day challenge and I feel great! Everything is so big on me now I have to buy new cloths! woo-hoo!!!! I have gone from a xl top to a medium and a 14 jean to a 9, This stuff is the best and I will never stop using it for the health benefits as well as the weight control. My RA is all but gone and I am sleeping like a baby now. I have the most subtle boost of energy now where as I use to have a pot of coffee before I could even think about doing anything when I got up. Now I have a cup of coffee and am on the go before it is gone. If you are tired out, need to lose some jiggle in your wiggle and just want to feel plain GOOD try Skinny Fiber it is the best thing I have ever found for me!"

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