Sunday, November 13, 2016


Ok Everyone…this is my friend's mom Dawn. She started Skinny Fiber 2 years ago and was having great success, then she lost Dad… changed as she knew it and Skinny Fiber fell to the way side. After about 6 months we (my sister and I) began to encourage her to start taking it again, and she was off and on for a long time, but then she started taking it regularly again about 5 months ago and the weight started coming off….then she added HiBurn8 nightly and the loss of inches and weight began. She hasn't been as consistent as I would like to see with the Skinny Fiber, but with that being said, the pictures say the rest! She didn't believe us when we were telling her that she was losing.
These are MoM's words:
"Ok…so this is my before and after pics that my daughter put together for me.
Two of my girls had been telling me for the longest time that I was losing weight, but I wasn't so convinced. Tracie introduced me to Skinny Fiber almost 2 years ago and I was losing some weight and feeling better. As the first year passed I had slacked off on taking it completely and got comfortable at the weight loss I had reached. However as time went on, my girls kept at me to get back on it and to include the newest product at that time which is HiBurn8. So I did. I use my HiBurn8 nightly to help me sleep and I love it. I have been off and on with the SF, but they remind me to take it and when I remember, I do.
Last night a friend came to visit as well as my cousin. Pam (my friend) took the 2 bottom pictures of me and my buddy Duke. I posted them on my page and my daughter saw them. The next thing I know she had posted this collage of me along with a few of the pictures that are a couple of years old… journey!
Needless to say I was shocked….seeing them side by side like that opened my eyes to the fact that my girls were right….I am losing! I am stunned!! Skinny Fiber and HiBurn8 is shedding inches like crazy. That is 30 lbs off but twice as many inches! I am now convinced! So I guess I'll be continuing on my journey ;-) "
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