Monday, April 11, 2016


This is me, Veronica yes I'm a product of the product. The picture on the left is 10/11 and the picture on the right is 10/13. I started my weight loss journey on 4/12/12 at 169 lbs. When I came across Skinny Fiber on Facebook I had gone from a 16 to a 10-12 in July 2013 weighing 155. In the 11/13 photo 4 months on Skinny Fiber not taking as I should I'm down to147 lbs. in the photo wearing a size 8 pants and large top. Today 12/12/14 I wear a size 6 pants and med top and weight 139 lbs. All together I have loss a total of 30 lbs. and lots of inches. I have lots of energy, my blood pressure is normal and my A1C has gone from a 7.9 to a 6.0. I'm not making any medical claims but when you loss weight your health also improves.
Come join me on this weight loss journey to a healthier you! Take the‪#‎90daychallenge‬ at www.MJWRECSICS.SBC90.COM.

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