Friday, April 29, 2016


My awesome friend and teammate Melissa just shared her 90 day results!! Ready yet? Start your challenge here-->>
"Well, here is the big update. I am officially done with my first 90 day challenge. In December of 2015, my weight hit the highest of 211#. It was time for a change and it started in January 2016. I started the 90 day challenge with Skinny Body Max on January 28, 2016. I started out at 199.4#. I started by taking 2 capsules 2 times daily. After 2 weeks and not having the jitters or heart palpitations, I increased my doses to the max of 8 capsules a day. I took 3 in the am and pm and 2 in the afternoon. I added in HiBurn8 taking 1 tablespoon on an empty stomach 15-20 minutes before I went to bed. My largest jeans were a size 17 and I wore x-large uniforms. Well at the end of my 90 day challenge I am down to 175.8#. I lost 23.6# on the challenge. I have also lost 17 1/4" with measuring my neck, chest, bilateral upper arms, abdomen, waist, hips, and both thighs. I drink soda maybe 1 time every month. I drink 120-180 ounces of water a day. I still eat out. I eat healthier. I do not work out or exercise, although I should. I am down to a size 10/12 in jeans and wear a belt. I wear a medium in uniforms now. I actually get a good amount of sleep now and feel rested. I would call that a success. Oh, I forgot to mention. I also made $689.50 from being a distributor plus $153.95 from selling my own products to a total of $843.45 in three months. It cost me $10 to be a distributor."
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