Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Another HAPPY Instant Youth customer!!! heart emoticon Instantly erase lines, wrinkles, bags... those pesky crows feet?? GONE in less than 2 minutes!
Not only will you get instant results but the added botanicals and retinol benefit your skin out for the long term
Some tips for using Instant Youth:
Results typically last 8 hours and IY can easily be reapplied
If you moisturize do that first. This is not required but I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend moisturizing is VERY important for our skin at all ages!!
Start with a very small amount and smooth into your skin, leaving it a little damp. The drying is when the magic takes place, so you can speed up the process with a fan or even blow dryer.
One application should last about 8 hours.
May be used before or after (most people prefer after) liquid based makeup but ALWAYS let Instant Youth dry completely before using your powder makeup!
Also, be sure you are not using an oil based moisturizer or foundation as the oils can cancel out the effect of Instant Youth! Instant Youth is a great compliment to our other skincare product, Ageless. Don't forget you can now bundle any of our amazing products together to customize your own package! Choose from Instant Youth, Skinny Fiber, Skinny Body Max, Ageless, and HiBurn8! www.MJWRECSICS.SBC90.COM

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