Tuesday, May 12, 2015


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BAAM, this is me now folks! Before that was my heaviest in May at 262 pounds, I almost had a stroke then, it was a turning point for me. The 4 people who love me the most, my sister, my cousin, my niece and my Doctor told me I was very much obese and have to do something about it. 

My Doctor told me my numbers were not good both High Blood Pressure and Pre-diabetic. I …was upset by their comments, reality sank in and I took action.
Skinny Fiber came in at the right time. I started Skinny Fiber mid August or early August I think. This product makes you eat less, you feel as you had a bypass surgery, a small portion of food that fills the size my palm is all I eat. I exercise religiously, sometimes I walk 8 miles, sometimes Zumba as some of you know, I love to dance, I do take a cycling class at the gym, love Stair Master and Climber. One thing that I added to my diet is plenty of water, no sodas anymore. Rice and bread is not my favorite food any longer, I switched to vegetables and fruits.
When I was told about Skinny Fiber, as many do, was very skeptic, had done this and that, my weight never dropped. When God says yes, no one can stop that, look at me now folks, yes I have not yet reached my goal, one sure thing is; 90 days from now, Ms Jane will be a complete different person.
This product rocks, I love it to death, no side effects etc. I now size 14 from a 24, gone down from 265 pounds to 231 pounds in 3 months, I have heavy bones and big legs hence I weigh a little more:)
Thanking all my friends and family who have and still support me in my weight loss journey, I love you all!!!

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