Wednesday, May 27, 2015


What a Blessing Amanda… You have done SO WELL… Thks so much for sharing!
“Hi everyone. Wanted to share my 90 day results! I have lost 62 pounds and many many many inches! I am so excited to start my next 90 day challenge. My type 2 diabetes has nearly resolved itself with Skinny Fiber and "trying” to eat clean and low carb! That’s right! My A1C level has gone from a 9.4 to a 6.8!!! Once it is a 6.5 or lower and I am able to maintain it, I will no longer be diabetic and no more diabetic meds! I also have high blood pressure, which is also resolving itself! The dosage on all of my medications has been lowered and eventually, I will be taken off all of them but one! I am so excited to go from 10 pills a day to 1!! I say that Skinny Fiber is not a miracle pill, but it is my miracle!“

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