Thursday, March 26, 2015


Ok Friends, this is better now that it's side by side ...Very difficult to post Before & After's...But also Very important to do so...after all seeing is believing!
My Story...
For those of you that know me, you know I usually wear very loose shirts, that was to hide what you see in the before photo. I have tried prescription diets, over the counter supplements, weight loss shakes, Jenny Craig, Weight Watcher' fact I had been on Weight Watcher's for 4 month's before I tried Skinny Fiber...only lost 3 lb's!!
I read all the testimonies, read about all the people losing weight & inches with Skinny Fiber and saw all the before & after photo's, I followed Facebook daily for 3 month's before I decided to order my 1st bottle of Skinny Fiber. I was so tired of counting point's, not being able to eat what I like, taking prescription drugs that were destroying my body. So , I made a commitment to myself that I would give Skinny Fiber 1 month, I would take it as directed, I would drink the recommended amount of water every day for that month, If I didn't notice any weight or inches lost...Well, at least I tried. I weighed and measured & took the before photo....I did not go near the scales or measure for exactly 1 month. After 2 weeks I noticed my clothes were a lot more comfortable, things were starting to be really loose on me, still I did not weigh myself. When the month was up.. ........I had lost 6 lbs....also lost a total of 15 3/4 inches. I was totally shocked !!! Needless to say...I quickly ordered 2 more bottle...LOL I have been on Skinny Fiber 9 month's... 31.9 lb's & 37 inches GONE !!! No side effects, no counting points, weighing food, counting calories, no depriving myself of the foods I love and no exercising... You can clearly see my results. I will never be without Skinny Fiber... I feel healthier than I have in 20+years. I am 59 years old and a good friend of mine (whom I got started on Skinny Fiber...Gave her a bottle for her Birthday) told me I look 35, that I GLOW...That's why she wants to try it.... not sure about the "35"part....but hey anything is better than "59" If you've been "thinking" about trying Skinny Fiber.... all I can say is stop Thinking about it and DO IT !!
Watch this 5 min. movie:
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