Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I have posted this before but I want the men to see Skinny Fiber is Not just for Women!! 
smile emoticon 100% all natural and good for you too! Safe for kids and teens too heart emoticon

Couples that LOSE together will WIN together!
Linda and James!!
I LOVE SKINNY FIBER!! "Skinny Fiber changed our lives!” Long story short....A year ago I committed to a lifestyle change...I did not go on a "special" diet, I eliminated nothing from my diet...I just ate fewer calories and I started walking...I lost 50 lbs...then his a stone wall...NOTHING I DID MADE ANY DIFFERENCE!!! I then found Jackie and Skinny Fiber and I lost 30 more lbs! I’m a new person!! I just felt full and didn't eat as much, didn't have cravings like a mad woman!! I didn't have to "fight" myself all the time to eat like a regular person, it was heaven!! Since the weight loss, I feel so much better and I act 20 years younger! My husband, James, suffered years and years with IBS…stomach cramps and pain and he was taking colon cleansers and stool softeners daily,…I started him on Skinny Fiber and within a week he was able to stop ALL his meds for constipation and has never had another issue!!! He is one happy man!! We will both always take Skinny Fiber!!"
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