Saturday, March 28, 2015


This is Renee’s journey WOW looking good!!
Here are my 90 day before and after pictures for you to share
Okay everyone, as promised, here are MY before and after pictures of my first 90 days!!!! The first picture was taken about a week after I started taking Skinny Fiber!
I have lost a total of 12.6 lbs, a little over a pound a week, and I am down 35.25 inches, WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!!
I like most people have tried every weight loss fad, product, shake, gimmick, even as far as giving myself shots of Hcg, I am embarrassed to say!!! I was a total skeptic of Skinny Fiber and waited 3 months to give it a try! When I first ordered Skinny Fiber, I told myself that this would be the very last thing I wasted my money on! I am SO HAPPY I gave it a try, when I see these pictures I am amazed and proud of myself and so ecstatic that I gave Skinny Fiber a try!!!!
Last month I injured myself and was not able to work out as much as I like, but I still got the results, because with Skinny Fiber, I eat so much less and have NO craving for sweets or junk food! One of the health benefits for me was being able to sleep through the night after about 5 weeks, I WAS a total insomniac for years!!!!
So excited to start my next 90 day journey, I still have a ways to go and with Skinny Fiber there is no doubt that I will get there!!

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