Tuesday, March 24, 2015


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Its’ so rewarding to me to see so many lives being transformed.
This is Leann’s story…
"In 2007 I went into the hospital to have gallbladder surgery. The Doctors found out that I had an enlarged heart, and they sent me to Des Moines, Iowa to the Iowa Methodist Hospital to have the surgery. At that time the Heart Doctor said I could have a stroke on the operating table, because my heart function was only at 10% at that time. At that time they found that I had 3 heart values leaking , AFIB. The Doctors thought I might have had a heart attack at one point of time.
In 2009 my blood workup showed that I had Diabetes. I am on 7 medicines for my heart and a controlled diet for my diabetes. In January of 2014 
I saw a post about Skinny Fiber. I talked to my cardiologist and diabetic doctors, I told the doctors them that skinny fiber had 3 plant ingredients and digestive enzymes - Glucomannan, Caralluma and Chade Burge. Both Doctors were impressed with it and gave me the go ahead to use it.
I have more energy, feel better, my knees don’t hurt as much as what they did when I was heavy. I get out of bed with more energy to get ready for work, my attitude is better and I feel like I am a lot happier then what I used to be. I seem that I can do so much more at work and at home. I can’t wait until I can get outdoor to plant my veggie garden, weed my flower gardens and plant some new kinds of flowers.
In July of 2014 I went to Des Moines for my annual Heart checkup and the Doctor did all the stress tests, EKG, and Ultra-Sounds of my heart and I am now at 65% heart function compared to the 10% that I was. The Doctor said I had a good recovery from what I had started out before surgery. I can’t wait to see the Doctors in July this year and see what they have to say about my heart.
As of today I have lost 135 pounds and around 85 inches overall. I am so happy that I found Skinny Fiber! I became a distributor of Skinny Fiber a year ago, and I enjoy the fact that I am trying to help other people try to become healthy and feel better about themselves.
The first picture in the lavender shirt was when I was the heaviest in 1997, the second one is when I first started Skinny Fiber in March of 2014, and the picture of me in the stripped sweater was as of Tuesday, March 17,2015.
Finding Skinny Fiber was the best thing that happened to me!! I am proud to say that it has helped me so much. I have so much to be thankful for!!”

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