Saturday, March 28, 2015


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My name is Nancy, 
I did not pay attention to my weight loss at all. Until I put on my church clothes and noticed how baggy my dress pants where. The after picture in the black jeans are size 14. The before picture with the jeans are size 18/20. I felt so good. My blood pressure was normal and that has not been the case for a few years. My acid Reflux was gone. I noticed as the inches where coming off how much easier it was to walk up stairs. No more huffing and puffing. Also, I was actually sleeping thru the night. Before Skinny Fiber I was overweight and sick of losing weight and gaining it back within the same year. Plus I gained more then I lost. I came to the conclusion that I’m just going to be overweight and anti social. I was so ashamed of gaining all the weight back plus. I just stayed in the house making excuses why I didn’t want to go have fun. I have Thyroid issues and COPD. The one I resent the most is the Thyroid issue. I find my weight loss moving like a snail. But, it’s moving and that is all I can focus on. If it wasn’t for Skinny body care and Skinny Fiber. I would not be as happy today as I am. 
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