Friday, November 7, 2014


My name is Michael P. and I started my journey to better health with Skinny Fiber on December 04, 2012 until the end of August 2013. During these eight plus months, I have lost a total of 74 pounds and over 36" inches all over my body. I was taken off of 3 diabetic medications, 1 cholesterol medication, and my blood pressure medication was cut in half due to my weight loss.
My journey was not without its obstacles. Due to my disability, I was not able to exercise and all I had was Skinny Fiber and my ability to change my eating habits. Also, my doctor monitored my progress by performing routinely blood test. I had HA1C test done every three months. When I started on Skinny Fiber, I was on 11 medications due to my diabetes and my disability. At the beginning, I was doing 2 capsules 3 times a day. Then when my HA1C was under control I went back to 2 capsules 2 times a day. I would suggest that you start out with 2 capsules before your 2 largest meals with 16 ounces of water and then sip on another 16 ounces after your meals and see where you at with your results. I also have 8 ounces water before bed. Today I am off of 4 and 1/2 medicines. I wasn't allowed to stop taking the medicines on my own; my Doctor stopped prescribing them for me. It was only after my blood work came back that he made that decision to take me off some of the medications I was on. I still see my endocrinologist and he sends me to get blood test on a routine basis. Keep in mind, the time it took me to get my blood levels under control will not be the same for other people. Today I am happy to say that my diabetes is under control but my diabetic neuropathy (diabetes side effect) is getting worse by the day. The pain is every second of every minute of every hour, but I learn to tolerate it. So my advice to any diabetic who is having trouble maintaining their weight is to get on Skinny Fiber like yesterday because before you know it, neuropathy will come knocking on your door and there is no cure for it. Once the blood vessels going to your nerves shrivel up and die, there is no reversing it. So forget all the commercials and so called cures for neuropathy, there is none.
I have maintained my weight loss now for three months and I Thank God every day for Skinny Body Care and this life changing product called Skinny Fiber.

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