Tuesday, May 24, 2016


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Liana story...I have been heavy all my life. as a child in grade school i was about 30 pounds overweight. By the time i was in highschool it was closer to 60 pounds. i faced all the cruelty, name calling and isolation that comes with being an obese teenager. as i passed into adult hood i experienced some very bad relationships and personal horrors, I hid behind my weight and used food as a comfort. over the years my weight kept going up 180 pounds then 250 pounds and up to over 360 pounds by the time i was 22. i was miserable !! i not only hated my life but i hated ME!! i tried many times to lose the weight and had some mixed results. in my 30s i lost 80 pounds and then gained it and more back. once again i tried to get the weight off without sucess. in 2005 i had my daughter and although i only gained 35 pounds during the pregnancy i balloned up to almost 400 pounds within 3 yrs after having her.!!! in 2010 i was hospitalised with west nile and while in the hospital my Dr decided i needed drastic weight loss. i became his guinny pig and for a month i lived on 500 to 600 calories a day!! i lost almost 169 pounds in one month !!. the result was rapid weight loss and i now have a weak heart ( thank you dr jeckyl ) within 2 yrs i balooned back up to almost 560 pounds! i could not walk across my living room without gasping for breath and shopping was no linger an option. i became a prisoner in my own home. i had to sit to cook, do dishes and housework was impossible for me to do. i was killing myself and i had a young child to care for. i decided i needed to do something fast. i started praying and talking about my weight. i changed my eating habbits and started to lose weight. i went from over 550 to 490 in a year but i needed to do more. i was looking around facebook in jan and seen an add for skinny fiber. i read and re read all the testimonials and was finally feeling hopeful. i borrowed the money to purchase the product and even though salvation was in my hands i was unsure. after so many years of failure is was sceptical i did not have the courage to start using the product until july 21st 2014. that was the first day of the rest of my life ! I have now been using skinny fiber for 3 months and am amazed at my weight loss so far !! i have lost 78 pounds and am eager to see how much more i can lose in the next three months. i love this product so much it has given me a new chance at life. i feel stronger than i have in years and i am able to actually get out and shop for myself now. onward and upward..... or should i say downward .. as in the pounds melting away..
Start your journey TODAY! Empty Bottle Money back Guarantee

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