Monday, May 30, 2016


Lana shares : Skinny Fiber has changed my life! I am a mother of 5 and do not have time to do what I need to do to exercise. I had hypothyroidism and then thyroid cancer. I have no thyroid and Skinny Fiber is the only thing that has helped me lose weight with my thyroid issues! I lost 20 lbs before my thyroid cancer surgery, and then had to stop taking Skinny Fiber due to my 2 surgeries and first round of radiation pills. The first time I stopped I did not gain any weight back. Once i got back on Skinny Fiber in Feb, I lost another 20 lbs. then I had to get off a second time for another radiation pill, and due to having no thyroid, i did gain back 20 of the 40lbs I had lost. But i know that is not my fault and I will have to fight to get this weight off, but with Skinny Fiber and God, it is coming back off. I have lost 8lbs o that regained 20. Also with the weight loss I had with SF I was also able to get off my metformin for diabetes!! Don’t wait, your life is worth fighting for!!! Let Skinny Fiber help you! Give it a try … Join the 90 Day Challenge Today… A year from now, you’d be kicking yourself. What are you waiting for??? Get your Skinny Fiber today and Start your own Skinny Body Care 90 Day Challenge!!! Buy 2 Get 1 Free!!! Buy 3 Get 3 Free!!! Follow me @ For more recipes and tips join my group @ Follow me @ For more recipes and tips join my group @ Don’t forget to take advantage of our promo offer ending TODAY Buy 2 Get 4; Buy 3 Get 7 - Mix and Match available - Money back guarantee What Is It?

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