Saturday, May 14, 2016


****90 day challenge ..yay!!****
I started on 02/10/16 and it has been an amazing journey!!!! I needed something to help me lose weight! I admire the people that can stick to their strict diets and go to the gym daily. Unfortunately, I tried and tried and failed. I would eat healthy, but not lose a single pound!
I decided to order Skinny Body Max!! It has been the best three months ever!!! IBS completely under control, mood swings not as bad as they were (had hysterectomy years ago), cravings gone, my nails are not as brittle as they were and they are growing, I did not follow a certain diet, no milkshakes, no exercise, I lost weight and inches(15 pounds & 22inches, and I have more energy!!
Best decision ever!!
I am getting healthier and losing weight at the same time! Remember, Skinny Body Max ingredients help you in many ways, is NOT only to lose weight!!
Skinny Body Max is helping me lose weight and I am going to keep using it until I reach my goal!
It was worth every cent!!!! I thought it was very expensive when I first saw the prices!!! But you know, I could have easily used the $128 I paid for 3 bottles (3 month supply) on something or someone else! Plus they had MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, so it was completely RISK FREE!!
Thank God I decided to buy Skinny Body Max! I do not regret it!
**REMEMBER TO DRINK WATER!!! Water is the key to your success. It helps your body flush out all those toxins! >>>I got very bloated when I started taking the capsules. I increased my water intake and after 2 days it went away! I was about to quit because it was extremely uncomfortable , but I decided to stick to it and let my body get rid of all the toxins!!! ****
I am going to continue taking Skinny Body Max!! I haven't reached my goal yet!

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