Saturday, October 17, 2015


I want to talk to you about today is something that most of us have no clue is keeping us from losing weight, and even causing us unexplained weight gain. And it’s sleep deprivation.
If you have trouble falling asleep at night, if you wake up several times a night or if you wake up and can’t go back to sleep, any one of those three qualifies as sleep deprivation. And sleep deprivation is proven to make us gain weight easier or make it impossible to lose weight.
Now let me explain what was learned. In the Nurses’ Health Study that was done, they found out that those who sleep five or six hours or less, well 15% of them, were more likely to be overweight, obese or diabetic sooner than those who got 7 hours or more. Healthy sleep is at 8-9 hours. In the same study, 30% of the group gained 30 pounds over a 10- 15 year period and the only variable was sleep.
There are three main reasons why lack of sleeps contributes to weight gain. If you are getting less sleep you’re more tired. And if you’re more tired during the day you may not feel like exercising. You actually may feel weaker, you may feel without energy, and the last thing you want to do is exercise, so people getting less sleep are most likely to be getting less exercise.
You may be eating more if you’re getting less sleep, only because you’re up more hours, but also because you’re feeling fatigued and/or drained which is when you may be reaching for comfort foods and eat without thinking.
The third reason and maybe the biggest reason that sleep deprivation can cause us to be more overweight is because sleep deprivation is totally tied into hormone imbalance. If you’re not sleeping well you could be causing your hormones to be imbalance, which is going to cause overweight. It also goes in the other direction, if you’ve got hormone imbalance that is going to cause you to not sleep well, which is going to cause overweight which creates a vicious cycle.
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Studies also show better sleep helps slow down the aging process.. helps to reduce pain and leads to better moods.
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