Sunday, October 18, 2015


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This is Renee and she has this to say...
"Here is my 60 day before and after picture!! I am sooooo excited to see these because what difference!! 12.3 lbs down, from a 14 to an 11/12 pair of jeans. 9 inches off my stomach, 3 inches off of my waist, 4 inches of back fat GONE, not to mention all the other inches!!!!
I take 2 Skinny Fiber before lunch and dinner faithfully! I drink lots of water! I eat whatever I want, but a lot less, Skinny Fiber makes me feel full fast and I quit eating as soon as I start to feel full! I usually walk 3 times a week and do Zumba 2 to 3 times a week, which I have not been able to do, for the last two weeks with my broken toe:(
Pictures say it all! So happy that I am not weighing everyday like I used to. The scales and measuring tape are put back away until my 90 days!!"

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