Friday, January 2, 2015


Joann B
Ok you all!! Time for an update on my weight loss: Im Joann by the way
I started my journey on Jan 24th of this year at 230 pounds and as of today's date I weigh 204 I could honestly cry you guys Im so happy about taking this step in my life at 51 yrs old So from the start to now I have lost 26 pounds and 21.94 inches!!! So stoked I am not looking back now until i reach my goal weight which I'm not even sure what it should be lol But seriously Its because of this amazing product Skinny Fiber and all the support that I have thru this company that has got me this far! I don't even crave sweets like I used to,90% of my acid reflux is gone,before I started this journey I had bad knees and I dont even ache anymore! It is the best feeling to know that i am getting healthy and lovin it! No stoppin me now Jo Still got to get rid of that spare tire around my middle though

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