Thursday, July 24, 2014


Happy Tuesday people! I did a quick before and after pic this morning, tell me what you think... Hello, Stacie here, just wanted to offer an update on my journey to better health! I am a work in progress, had hit a plateau, but have began to lose again! I would like to lose another 30 lbs. and work on my tummy, but I am confident that it will happen. I keep saying this, and it'sso true, the weight loss is really great but I haven't felt this healthy in 25 yrs. Skinny Fiber rocks, hands down. I didn't change much, only have drank a ton of water every day and took 2 capsules twice a day before meals.That's it!! I try to get some exercise, but sitting behind a computer and traveling in a car so much doesn't leave much time for it. I just got engaged and we plan on having a fall wedding in 2015. I know SF will get me down where I want to be by then! I believe that if I hadn't began Skinny Fiber last year, I wouldn't have a fiance now! I had many failed relationships, with friends too, because of the pain and sickness I suffered from. I lived a very miserable life and spread that misery to everyone around me. Now, because I am healthy and feeling good, I am so much better for others! No more symptoms from Crohn's disease, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, acid reflux, hiatal hernia, pre-menopause, insomnia and depression... unless I miss a dose and those awful symptoms come creeping back! They are a reminder that SF does work!! I'll take it for the rest of my life, just because of the health benefits, I feel alive and well! Skinny Fiber has saved my life and made it worth living!

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