Wednesday, July 30, 2014


This is Emery B. Love this as she keeps it real! Not all on Skinny Fiber however I love her testimony! I just wanted to show a before and so far photo. I say so far because Im not at my goal yet. I've lost over 120lbs to date although not all on Skinny Fiber I use this to show I know the struggles with being called, what the dr calls, morbidly obese. My highest weight was 366 lbs. I've been on Skinny Fiber since July 2, 2013 and I can say it works.My cravings are gone, I sleep all thru the night, I have energy all day and don't "need a nap" I eat half of what I use to eat and I'm full. Its amazing, it works and does so much more for your overall health!! Its not a miracle pill, its a tool to help me make FOREVER changes in my eating habits and also help me recognize how bad I really was eating. I'm a work in progress and Skinny Fiber for life!!

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