Monday, July 25, 2016


Wow! Take a look at Sherry! Great! 
“Hi my name is Sherry and this is my journey so far…
I was going through the change of life early and my body was suffering from it. I had gained 30 pounds the prior year and was steadily gaining and nothing was working to get it off, not to mention the night sweats, mood swings, anxiety that was so bad I had to be put on meds which didn't help with the weight.
In May of 2012 I had a hysterectomy and in June after I had been watching an add for Skinny Fiber for several weeks and seeing the results posted day after day I finally decided what the heck, I've tried everything else and at least this one does have a money back guarantee on it and I hurried up and bought it before I could talk myself out of it!!! I can't take a lot of meds because I am very sensitive to them and had heart palpitation that limited me to the types of weight loss pills I could take so I was very scared and skeptical when I took that first dose even though it advertised no jitters! To my surprise I had NO JITTERS and right from the first couple of dose I noticed that I couldn't finish my food that I normally did. I was in love and became a distributor so that I could share this product with everyone I knew!!!
I was a size very tight 14 and weighed in at 190 pounds! The largest I had ever been, even when 9 months pregnant I didn't weigh this much!!! I took my sf religiously and did a low carb diet with next to no exercise!!! I didn't notice any weight loss for 3 weeks!! I was bummed and upset! I measured and nothing!
I was ready to give up and on that 4th week I started losing and I mean I was losing fast!!! I would lose a pound a day on most days!!! 20 pounds gone in the next 4 weeks after the initial 3 of not losing anything. From June to October I lost from a 190 pounds down to 160 pounds and went from a size 14 to a 7/8. I took a break from Oct to Jan to see if i could maintain the weight and I did pretty much, I gained back 6 pounds with all the holiday goodies that I took in but no complaints because I expected that. I have been taking my skinny fiber again but haven't been exercising or eating right at all , but I have lost 12 more pounds!!
I love my skinny fiber and oh yea, forgot to mention, no more meds, night sweats, hot flashes, sleepless nights.....when I go to bed I sleep like a baby!!!"
Are you ready to change your life? All Natural, No stimulants, No fake food, No crazy shakes, and a money back guarantee!


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