Wednesday, July 20, 2016


REPOST by REQUEST.... This is my friend Michael... JUST AMAZING!

Michael says..
"I wanted to share my story with you now because I am sure that this will be able to help many diabetics and pre-diabetics. Please, Share this with every diabetic you know and then share this with everyone you know, who knows a diabetic. We can save lives! On my 39th birthday, I was told that I had type II diabetes. Today I am 53 years old and for the past 14 I have been struggling with this disease. I could not control my weight or HA1C. I also have become totally disabled as you will find out when you read my story.Because I am disabled due to diabetes.
I have a series of blood work done every three months which is followed up by an office visit to my endocrinologist. Well this last visit which was in July, I received some great news. My 3 month HA1C went down to 6.7, from 3 months ago when it was 8.5. I also lost 12.5 pounds. My kidney protein was very high 3 months ago, today they are NORMAL.. Does skinny fiber help with diabetes? Yes it does!I take 3 capsules before breakfast, 1 before a small lunch and 3 before dinner. My endocrinologist was very happy because like myself, he was worried about my kidneys and the fact that my HA1C kept going up with each visit.
The 6.7 is the lowest its been in 5 years! Now I have to deal with a recurring problem with my eyes. Last May 2011 while having my yearly eye exam, it was discovered that I had bleeding behind both of my eyes due to my diabetes. I was scheduled for a six month re-exam and when I returned in November the blood was visable but not as much as the previous vist. This month I had another exam and come to find out that the blood behind my left eye has totally disappeared and the blood behind my right eye is showing very small amounts. I started taking skinny fiber in September 2011. Was this the reason that the blood is now under control? I'll leave that for you to decide.
All I can say is that, I am finally getting a handle on controlling this dreaded disease. I will never get the nerves and muscles to work again in both my feet and my right hand but as long as I can control my blood glucose levels I am on the right path. Because there is no muscle function in my feet, the blood pools in my veins and my feet tend to swell. I have to sit on a recliner and raise my feet so that the blood goes back to my heart.I wish I would have known about Skinny Fiber before I became disabled with diabetes mellitus. The pain from the Peripheral Neuropathy is so bad that sometimes I cannot think straight. The pain is often very intense and is never the same.
The sensations vary between burning, tingling, numbness, pin pricking, extreme pressure, sometimes its like someone is sticking a knife in me. Sometimes it feels like someone is pulling my toes off, sometimes its like there is a truck parked on my feet. I am supposed to use a cane to keep my balance, but it is hard for me to accept. So, I keep it near me but most times I keep my balance. My right hand is such that I cannot button a shirt. I have to use velcro on the cuffs and have my wife help me with the buttons or take about 30 minutes to completely finish buttoning it.I have developed such a High Tolerance for pain. I learned how to drive using the heels of my feet. I had such a challenge to lose weight due to all my medications.
Now with skinny fiber, I have my blood glucose sugar under control and I am on my way to a maintaining a healthy weight. I still have a way to go, but skinny fiber has gotten my body to where it is now able to lose weight and inches and I feel that it most definitely is saving my eye sight.I Thank God everyday for Skinny Fiber!My question to you is, who do you know that is a diabetic. Here is your chance to save someone from this silent killer.Get them on skinny fiber today and if they don't need to lose weight, have them eat their meals first and then take their capsules."

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