Sunday, July 10, 2016


#DIET #WEIGHTLOSS As you all know this is me and this is my journey so far. Ok I am going to try and brief my journey as of right now. When I started this I was at a point that I figured I was going to stay my 194 pounds at 5 feet tall and even figured I would gain more weight over the years. My blood pressure was out of whack. My heart the doctor say was having problems. I been on thyroid medicine for 30 plus years. I hit menopause and my hormones go even whackier. If that is even a word. My hormones and weight had me in a fit of depression so the doctor adds medicine for anxiety to the list. With my allergies I went through a bottle of nose spray a week! And bingo that junk raises your blood pressure. Well long story short I been in hospital twice all kinds of test than I develop psoriasis on my button end. Doctor prescribes a steroid cream but tells me to use it very lightly because it will break down skin tissue! Well heck no!!! I like sitting and don’t need my bottom to be messed up. Well next is what I found. Skinny Fiber. I watched and see people losing weight like real fast. So I thought I gotta try it. Well I will be honest with you I didn’t drop weight but I did notice that I just felt better. I didn’t have the night sweats I quit using nose spray. I don’t hardly drink pop. Not saying I won’t if I want one but I don’t have the craving. My thyroid medicine the doctor has lowered. Still no weight loss but I am feeling better so I continue. My blood pressure is running in normal range now. I am calm not wanting to rip off heads and hang on my mantel. I crave water not because I am thirsty but because I actually enjoy it Now. What is happening to my body? I am in a alignment stage I am getting my body back in sink the way it should be. I am now just starting to lose weight haven’t lost much as of now but I am in this for the long haul. My little story of how this is helping me. It isn’t a fast acting get Skinny magic pill. But it will work because your body needs time to do it the healthy way. I take Skinny Max 2 twice a day and 1 Tbs HiBurn at night and I have never felt so good. BUY 3 GET 3 FREE.WWW.MJWRECSICS.SBC90.COM

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