Friday, July 22, 2016


Guess who!!??
This is my friend Lisa,
"I started Skinny Fiber about 3 years ago. Not only was I loosing weight with it but found it helped with my RA, IBS and anxiety!. I just wanted to lose weight! LOL! . I am a slower loser because of some meds I take . When Skinny Body Max and Hiburn8 came out I wanted to give it a try as well. Since Skinny Body Max is basically Skinny Fiber enhanced I wanted to try it and I heard awesome things about the HiBurn8 and wanted to try that as well! As of today I am down 4 sizes, I don't go by weight I go by size of my clothes! The scale has no idea what it is weighing and I hate that! lol.. Always go by your clothes size!. I will still take a Skinny FIber once in a while cause it has a natural anti ~inflammatory ingredient in it that helps with my RA But I mainly take Skinny Body Max and Hiburn8. With the H8 I am sleeping better than I EVER have and losing weight while I sleep! This is an amazing combo . Once you start these products you will be done with your search for the perfect weight loss product!. Some of us just can't seem to lose weight on our own~ With me it was the meds combined with me having 4 kids in a row and exercise was too much for my RA.. Now I can walk without being in pain and play with my kids!..Never feel guilty about taking something all natural to help you... Had some people say all you need is exercise and to eat right, but that is not always the case!. Some suffer with medical conditions, some are immobile , going though menopause, have a hormone imbalance etc! Never feel bad about doing something that is healthy for you!. These are all natural products With a money back guarantee and less than 1% return rate you have NOTHING TO LOSE but weight!!.."
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