Friday, December 23, 2016


Paula shares her 90 Day Challenge results...
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"I have been there, done that, with most weight loss products, like many of you. Because of that I was skeptical, I sat back and watched as many do.. wanting to see results before I spent more money on another product. I watched and listened to a co-worker talk about Skinny Fiber and lose weight, eventually I decided to commit to myself and try the Challenge.
Well, I started losing right away, some take time going through a Detox, but I lost 20 pounds and what impressed me the most was the inches! I lost 26 inches overall!! I hope it shows, cause that is FAT LOSS Baby!!!
I will be honest, I really committed to the Skinny Fiber, the weight loss and ME!! I took it properly, a half hour before my meals with my water, religiously! I never missed a day, I drank water like it was my JOB!!!! I got my water in and tried to make healthier choices, small changes every day
That is what I love about SF, it attacks your fat stores and decreases calorie absorption, so everyone seems to be losing inches!! FAT!! And I can honestly say it helps curb craving and snacking. I am a night eater, who is married to a skinny stick that can eat chips at night and never gain. Skinny fiber makes me feel full after dinner and has virtually killed my night eating. I am just not that hungry.
The appetite suppressant aspect of it is the BEST part as far as I am concerned. It has allowed me to not feel as hungry and eliminated the "starving" stage of dieting while you are shrinking your stomach!
I talk about Skinny Fiber because I believe in it. It works for Me. Period. I just wish I had of started when I first heard about it, because what would I weigh now?!! LOL!
This is the first time in a long time, that I have stuck with some thing after the initial novelty wore off, and I eventually threw in the towel. Skinny Fiber is helping me make the lifestyle changes and healthy choices that will make this weight loss permanent... 20 pounds and 26 inches people!! Woot!!~ Paula"

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