Saturday, December 3, 2016


Lisa shares info how HiBurn8 has helped her boys with their autism and other health issues.
Lisa's words: "So I have had a few people message me about Tyler and Travis and how they have been doing on Hiburn8. So here is an update. It’s been 1 month since we started them on it and they are doing AMAZING. HiBurn8 is our new sleep night time weight loss product BUT we are finding out its working for more than JUST weight loss and sleep.
They have Autism, and with that comes ADHD, and sleep problems, and behaviors. Travis also suffers with Generalized seizure disorder and on medication to help. Since starting them on HiBurn8 a month ago they have NOT had any behavioral problems at all, they have come off their trazodone and sleep amazing.
They have told me that they feel so much better now and they also feel calmer too. I am so AMAZED with this product and what it’s doing for them. I took the bottle to my Doctors and he is amazed with what I have reported and how much this is helping them.
I have a few customers who are also giving Hiburn8 to their children as well, and they are having amazing success too. I know I would rather have my children take something that is all natural than medications that cases more problems. Hiburn8 has changed their lives and I am so happy to see how much better they are doing."
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